Problems that can Cause E-Juice to Not Taste as Good

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Problems that can Cause E-Juice to Not Taste as Good

There might be some vaping sessions that will make you wonder why it didn’t taste as good as you remembered from previous times. There are several little things that might be the cause of an e juice not tasting as good. Given below are some causes you can look out for and fix:

Not Enough PG

It has been found that high PG content in e-juice causes the flavor to be carried better and thus contributes to a highly flavorful vape. This is because PG has no flavor of its own and does justice to the sole flavoring agent. Make sure that the e-juice has proper PG content while determining how to choose best e liquid.  

It Hasn’t Been Steeped

Just like tea, e-juices can reach their full potential in terms of flavor once they have been steeped well. This requires letting the bottle of e-liquid sit in a dark and cool room. The lid is opened every two weeks or so and the liquid is allowed to breathe and become more flavorful. The reason why your e-juice may not have good flavor might be because it has not been steeped well

You Have a Cold

A cold or a similar illness messes with the taste buds and might make you find your favorite e-liquids flavorless. All you can do is wait for the cold to get better in a few days and keep yourself hydrated for the time being.

Vaper’s Tongue

This is a common phenomenon where your taste buds might get used to a particular e-juice and render it flavorless. To make sure that this doesn’t happen, try switching to a different flavor for some time and keep alternating. It’s good to have found a favorite but there is no harm in trying different varieties when choosing best eliquid.