Auction sites offer a plenty of Pokémon Go sites for sale

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A large number of people are enjoying the game Pokémon Go, but some are just addicted to the game. With the increasing craze for the game, many players have spent a lot of time playing the game and levelling up by capturing even the rarest of Pokémon. A few are now planning to engage in selling their Pokemon Go accounts to make cash, which are available on most popular auction sites.

Playing Pokémon Go certainly require you to walk around a lot. You can reduce your physical activity by paying for in game items like Pokeballs, but this won’t help you get the rare Pokémon for which you have to go out of the house and hunt for them.  Another option to get the rare Pokémon is to buy Pokémon Go accounts from someone else who already is equipped with account having everything you need.

Pokémon Go players who already have bought accounts have various reasons to do so. The geographical variation of the game is huge. Players located in cities get access to large number of Pokestops wherein they get free items and rare Pokémon are mostly found in areas with more and more players.  This becomes a problem for people located in rural areas.

Also players who get bit lucky playing the game ask minimum $100 for their accounts having a few rare Pokémon.  Any account that has several Pokémon is sold at $150. People are also selling accounts with lower levels with items in large numbers and some basic Pokémon for $30-$40.

So it is like people who get lucky in the game and wish to sell their accounts can make good money. If you tend to play for a long duration to build an established account with higher levels you can expect good amount for your account.