Clash Royale- How to make a plenty of gold easily

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Clash Royale- How to make a plenty of gold easily

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Clash Royale players know that gold is very important as they can do everything if they have gold. There are a lot of Clash Royale hack tools available online to gain gold easily. This article will help you learn how to earn gold easily.

To earn gold in Clash Royale you have two options available and they are

Opening chests

Donating cards

Firstly, the easiest way to get gold in the game is to open Chests. Try to open them whenever it is possible by playing a couple of battles every day to obtain that easy money. You can gain around 80 gold from each free chest that you open, which means you can make 320 gold on a daily basis through free chests.

Donating cards is also the best way to get gold in the game. You can find out an active clan to donate and request cards easily. Some players believe that it is a stupid idea to spend hard earned cards, especially their Epic cards. Yes, it is not that easy to earn them, but you can gain XP and five gold with common card that you donate, 50 for rare and 500 gold for each Epic card that you donate.

Also, you can get back your donated cards whenever you need them. The player is not asked to give away the gold, so it is like you are trading cards, but buyers are not supposed to pay.

Every week you can purchase 10 Epic cards from the store by donating cards. These tips can help you earn a lot of gold in the game. Many players are not aware of these tips and they land up losing gold in the game. As long as you have the right knowledge, making gold in the game is not at all a difficult task to accomplish.

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