How Much You Can Monitor With Spy Software?

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How Much You Can Monitor With Spy Software?

With the help of spy software, it is possible to monitor a wide range of activities on the target computer. However, not all applications are capable of providing the same level of monitoring abilities. As such, an understanding of the features which you can get will help you ensure that you are purchasing the right software. The following are some of those features.

Website Tracking

All monitoring applications give you the ability to track the websites being visited with the computer. The sites will be logged so that you can review them later. Moreover, you can even see what activities were undertaken by the user in those sites. This feature can also allow you to keep an eye on the activities taking place on social networking sites

Website Blocking

All such applications allow you to block certain sites. The user will not be able to access them unless you give the permission. This is rather useful when you are trying to protect your children from the many unsuitable sites on the Internet.

Email Tracking

Some spying applications also give you the ability to track the email activities of the user. This will be useful in a company to espionner un portable.

Online Searches

It is also possible to track the searches being conducted on the various search engines with the help of these applications.

Computer Applications

Apart from the various online activities, you can also keep a tab on the applications installed on the computer. This way, you can find out if your employees or children are not using any app that they are not supposed to.

Keystroke Logging

One of the most powerful features in a logiciel espion is the keystroke logging. With it, you can see which keys were pressed on the keyboard. This way, you might even be able to find out passwords and other similar kinds of details.

These features might also be available on espionnage telephone software. Check them before purchase.